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There are 7.9 billion people in the whole world. We all are living. Some are in the good, better, or best position and some are in the bad, worse, or worst position. We are all in need of money. So, why do we need money? Well, the way I think, money is the purchasing power. The more money you hold the more purchasing power you have. Again, people say money can’t buy happiness! It’s that fully true? So, what can bring happiness?

What do you think about happiness? When does happiness come into our life? Or, when we feel happy…

An honest review and the worst experience with Publish0x

An honest review on publish0x
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Publish0x is a writing platform for crypto bloggers mostly. But it also allows writing on other topics. If you ever visited that website it will look attractive for the writers, it shows the amount of earning publicly on every single article.

For the regular writers it too easy to get approved as an author of Publish0x. if you apply there an author and show your contents as proof then you will immediately get approved. Well, the Publish0x pays to the author in cryptocurrency. Therefore all your payments will be done through the ethereum crypto wallet. …

View unlimited articles just using these methods.

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Medium is a platform where tens of thousands of writers write and publish their articles daily. First and foremost It’s an ad-free platform. You will be able to find any kind of writings on medium. But if you want to read unlimited articles on medium then you have to take a $5 per month membership. When you are a medium member, the medium will give you access to read unlimited articles and stories daily. If you are not a member then you will be able to read only 3 articles per month.

Medium got reasons behind this. It’s because the…

A Poem

Photo by Kyle Van Alstyne on Unsplash

Standing straight, rifle on my back
He is walking past us, the General
Tears fall on my muddy boots
As I am waiting for my funeral.

Eyes blur with tears
I travel to the past
They came and killed all that day
And I was the one alive at last.

They made me orphan
Set my house on fire
A lump formed in my throat
To see my father’s soul fly higher.

He didn’t have any funeral
But I’m longing to have one
So I ran to the camp To have my own shiny gun.

I went to the green…

A Poem

Photo by Thomas Griesbeck on Unsplash

Years go faster!
Faster than my realization.
Years are less!
Much less than I need.

The cruel time!
So cruel that never wants to stay with me.
And my uncontrived luck!
That hardly favors me.

It’s just me, my heart, and my gains,
That gives me company.
And the love of many fellows
That fuels me.

Fuels my existence is the life war
But what have I done so far?
Or have I learned anything
That can lead me to win this war?

If not; then,
Today is the time to do that
Today is the time to learn that
And today I…

Let us start with a minimum of 100 per day!

Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

Hi there! I am here just to share a simple trick that can be helped you to grow your Twitter follower list faster than your expected. Some of you may already know about this. Although I haven’t researched the tricks, just found while daily using my Twitter account. I have been using this trick for the last few days and it’s really helpful. Let's talk straight about the process. It’s pretty simple and super easy.

Well go to your Twitter account and search for some accounts naming follow help, grow follower, etc. You will find some ids with a large…

Smoking cigarette means burning money for toxic gas!

Stop smoking cigarette
Photo by Mathew MacQuarrie on Unsplash

Smoking cigarette is kinda an addiction. Once you have started smoking, you are dead! Hahaha, not dead I mean you won’t be able to stop yourself from smoking until you force yourself to stop it.

Well, I know here among the readers some of you do love smoking, some don’t know why you are smoking or some of you want to stop but can’t help. Okay, the smokers please question yourself what’s the benefit you are getting from it? Find the appropriate answer to this question. Keep a note below so I can know your answer.

After going through my…

a book in the library
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A Poem

Solemnly speaking, you are the person;
Who has held me for the first time,
With so much dedication,
With so much love,
Bound with so much hope.

When I was a first,
I had a reprint within two days
And now?
There’s no place for me,
Because you’re all so deep in the-
Darkness of capitalism
False equality of the socialism
The madness of democracy.

I am now a showpiece in your house
Because I store your grave dread;
That is exposing you!
You are far away from me,
Because I’m a book in the library!

Post submission guideline for writers

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Well frankly, we need new writers for our publication. Basically, we don’t have too many rules and regulations but there are some basic rules that we must follow. Be careful if your submission doesn’t follow our guidelines your post will be rejected. So let us take a quick view of these rules:

Quick guideline regarding post:

  1. Hey! Whatever we are doing here, everything is inside the medium right? So, here medium is the real boss and it has some rules which are called Medium Rules. Read those carefully if you don’t know the rules. We all abide by these medium rules so you also…


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